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We sing about the world,  We debate both right and wrong,
Keeping one good answer,  for a moral in a song. <More>

The Theshold ~ Video

God has a plan, quickly babies grow.
Each one a gift, every name He knows <More>

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Who Is Michael D. Rourke?

DIARIST  Collecting true stories of life since 1974.

LYRICIST  Writing words in meter and rhyme since 1976.

AUTHOR  Non-fiction autobiographies, THE THRESHOLD, Volume One and Two Published by Westbow Press 2013.

Bio, Front Cover Pictures, Book Descriptions, Previews, Videos, Radio interviews, Purchase. www.mdr-thethreshold.com

SONG PUBLISHER  Working with original lyrics and recording studios in Nashville, Tn. 2016.

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Books By MIchael D. Rourke


The Threshold Volume 1

From a 1974 motorcycle crash in upstate New York my memoir was born. Seven years of diary writing was the only medicine helping me through confusion and memory loss. Slowly the friendship of storytelling filled the diaries with life’s struggles, victories and lost love. Lyric writing naturally flowed out one snowy night and a goal, a dream came alive.


The Threshold Volume 2

January of 2002 after having major surgery I began reading 240 diaries and shaping events. Honoring God by illuminating my trials and blessings was my motive for writing. Telling the story of God’s love became my objective. By 2007 I quit one part time job to carve out quality time as writing matured into a daily labor of love..

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