Light Man-MDR Song Publishing
by Michael D. Rourke.

Light Man

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by Michael D. Rourke-1-Lyricist.

Light Man

He doesn’t sing or play guitar 
By no means a rock-and-roll star 
Works with the band out all night 
Creates a mood with shades of light 

Listen how the words tell time 
Paint a picture sing a rhyme 
Flip a switch for harmony 
Adding blue in memory 

Light Man, running to have fun, you let her love go 
Light Man, hurt has now begun, now you can know 

Light Man, damage far from done, pain is a shadow 
Light Man, waiting for the one, one day love will glow

A place a face, on display 
Investing love, isn’t easy 
The tune of life, plays today 
Pray the Lord for a symphony 

Hear his story how it’s told 
He misses her heart of gold 
His regret shows amber red 
He can’t take back what he said 

Sometimes when they play his song 
Starts out right ends up wrong 
Showing love in shades of blue 
Lets it fade with thoughts of two

Lyrics by, Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 2016