Unity in politics is something I’ve never known. As far back as I recall, unity has been sought after, talked of, campaigned on, and has never been had. There is always a lack of unity.
The murdering of babies commonly called the abortion issue has split the USA as long as I’ve been old enough to vote.
How can there be unity between saving babies lives and legalizing the murder of babies? How can oil and water mix? Serve God or serve the devil.
To hear politicians, talk about unity is a non-starter. The USA will remain divided until Jesus comes. Only Jesus will fix the sin problem.

Lyric –    “Systematic Sin”
Verse One
Sin is in the garden only God can stop it
Evil lives and breathes makes us all a hypocrite
Darkness cries we are many Legion is my name
Nations rise and fall some go down in sinful shame
Verse Two
Time is a path full of people with trouble
Pray we will last like a slowly falling bubble
Life is a test of truth a few find their faults
Are you living without God answer true or false
The human race is bias within
It’s in your heart, your eyes under your skin
We all live with Systematic Sin
We’re all living with Systematic Sin
The ways of God are not our ways
He’ll change the heart sin will decrease
Thank God He gives grace He gets praise
We are Ambassadors of peace
Verse Three
There’s a knee on the neck and on red white and blue
Law and order’s a wreck liberty is tried and true
Twisting right and wrong in schools of sinful learning
No wonder the country and freedom are burning

Lyrics by, Michael D. Rourke, Copyright, 11-2020
Systematic Sin | MDR Song Publishing