Like, 99.8 % of people in the U.S.A. are not dying from Covid.

The 800,000 deaths are a mixed bag of deaths like falling out of a tree, opps! covid death, like shooting robbery death, opps! covid. Never forget how the death rate from Covid is intentionally, artificially boosted to generate fear, gain control and lead minds toward a One World System. Remember,

Satan is temporarily running this world, and only allowed by God to rig the system toward ultimate control, before his demise. Satan is working his way toward forcing the Mark of the Beast on unbelievers in Jesus.

Manipulation of minds is training people to do what the satanic system tells them to do. Peer pressure and division is breaking down the world and making ready for a leader to fix it all … the Devil.

However, God given grace and faith will sustain true Christians all the way to victory, celebrated here and in glory with God. Praise Jesus, the King is born, our Savior.