A Thin Page

Verse One

Pain came by one night, sorrow sat with you
Fear held on so tight, your need for God grew
Pray to Father above, asking for grace in your soul
Jesus brought His love, added your name to heaven’s scroll

Verse Two

You let the Lord lead, and praise Him in prayer
The Bible gives what you need, and takes away your despair
In faith you do learn, each word is divine
God’s truth does burn, your new life is refined


A Thin Page, (horns) tells how God made the universe
A Thin Page, (symbols) He makes the simple wise in every way
A Thin Page, (drums) shows His control over the earth
A Thin Page, (violin) spins the Potter’s wheel, you are the clay


Searching the Bible, alone with the Word
Fingers turn a page, a swish is heard
Worshiping Sunday, hearts and minds are stirred
Fingers turn pages, swishes are heard    

Verse Three

When life starts to shake, God hears your heartbeat
He sees the path you take, He directs your feet
Lord’s light shows all, no shadow too tall
Trust and courage will grow, Jesus is the name you call

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 11-2020