A Work In Progress

Verse One                                                                                             

For the greater good, conquest of the west was understood
All options were weighed, steam train tracks were laid
Off the road red man, progress will move through your land
Freedom to vote grew, two thousand one world point of view


Time is ticking steadily; the world is politicking destiny 
From an ivory tower, rules political power
Pushing the weak down, are bullies without a crown
Imperfect people, a few under the steeple 
Rich and poor design, all dream for more sunshine


Nations slip and fall more or less
Peace is still A Work In Progress
Hope stays on top nevertheless  
Peace is still A Work In Progress

Verse Three

Change will be blowing, blue skies of courage growing
Make love a holiday, push tomorrows hate away
Singing all along, optimism is a song 
Sunrise sunset roll, living life heart and soul

Lyrics by, Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 4-2019