Michael D. RourkeYouth in upstate New York was exciting with loving parents but peppered with arguments over money and alcohol. My undiscovered dyslexia shamed me before the latchkey years fostered a turbulent adolescence. Motorcycle crashes first limited me physically then a traumatic brain injury wiped away my twenty one year old memory.

When the diary opened creative thought my rebellious spirit grew wings with alcohol and drug use. Walking away from true love and responsibility I chased freedom alone. My adventure in Hollywood collaborating with songwriting in a rock band only brought the biggest crash.

At age thirty-six amid the ashes of broken dreams God’s gift of grace shocked and saved me, I was Born Again. Spiritually alive with God’s biblical truths my new awakened conscience contending with a world of lies. Stage acting was a phase of pretending I walked away from. By going to church the power of the Holy Spirit continued breaking sin’s patterns and obedient righteous living grew.


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