What is the best thing about the Baby Boomer generation? The word best is overused and vague. For me to answer, I will restate the question.

What is the most excellent, important, amazing truth about life, for Baby Boomers?

My answer is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is God the Son, the only Savior of believing souls who have faith alone, in Him alone. All people are welcome to believe, sadly only some do.

Some of the Baby Boomers are true Christians, who have received Jesus Christ, they have been born-again, their spirit has been made alive by the grace of God. They are awakened to believe the revelation of what the Bible teaches. They raised godly children and are helping raise godly grandchildren in the next generations.


What is the most excellent, important, amazing truth about life, for Gen Z?

My answer is, there is still time left to believe and embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ.

All people can learn this truth from what the Bible teaches. The words in the Bible are the very words of God, which He gives and wants all people to know.

The Holy Spirit of God moved in holy men to write in their own words, with their personality and their experiences, the inspiration of God they were given. Read 2 Peter 1:20-21.


What do both generations need to improve upon?

Time is but a bubble of breath appearing in eternity. People in all generations need to acknowledge their sinful, unworthiness in comparison to the One holy, sinless, perfect, Creator God.

In consideration of where their eternal soul will go after their last breath, people would be wise to humbly seek Jesus and ask forgiveness for their sins. Jesus reconciles the enmity between a sinner and God. By sincerely receiving Jesus into the heart, a sinner is accepted as sinless, and their soul will find peace with God forever. That is amazing truth.