The conflict of war with Russia has not just produced terror in everyday lives of Ukrainians. The reality of death and standing before God as sinners in judgement, has opened the recognition of people to desire peace with God and receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.

The need to align their life with the Ultimate Power and highest purity and holiness, is a moment to moment and continued hourly event, day after day in the scattered lives of men, women and children.

From far above and deep within the heart and soul, peace with God is found for some Ukrainian people. Through His plans God’s grace is given in the Lord Jesus Christ and lived out in newness of life.

Jesus Christ is using Holy Scriptures of the Bible, prepared Pastors and established Christian churches to usher new believers into the realm of God as part of His eternal family.

All glory to God, Who is in perfect control of every second, every turn of the planet, as Lord Jesus Christ builds His church. Praise His Holy name. Pray for the true Christian Pastors, their flocks and the Ukrainian people.