God Drafted All Our Chaos

Verse One

Messiah came, God the Son for all
The gift of God, we received His call
Said “so long” to, our old life of less
Jesus is Lord, He is God, we confess

Verse Two

We learn to stand, for a good fight to win
No stumbling, in and out of sin
He must increase, sin’s no longer fun
Oh! Kingdom come, Father’s will be done 


No more cutting Satan’s hedge, all his lies will betray us
From Hell’s crying evil ledge, God Drafted All Our Chaos
To the living water’s edge, filling His truth in clay pots
Our faith and our love we pledge, God Drafted All Our Chaos


Never knew my soul will go to hell
Never knew heaven is really there
Lost in the dark when God’s grace fell
Thanking my Lord Jesus in a prayer

Verse Three

No more falling, being wrongly proud
Our conscience, good or bad rings loud
New ways coming, we’re walking with You
Holy Spirit, help us to bear fruit

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 1-2021