In my 33 years of Regeneration, Born Again, having become spiritually alive I have a repeating wonder, in Yahuwah’s unfolding mystery. I have always been greatly curious, as to what life would have been like, to have been raised by true Christian parents.

Whenever I see a young husband and wife towing one or two children into church on Sunday, I pause to gaze at the Biblical guidance, leading the young ones. My thoughts are arrested and questioned, as I search for answers. Like many times before, I’m held in wonder, I can’t explain how Yahuwah’s sovereignty works. When I compare the children’s apparent upbringing into Christianity and my conversion rocketing me off the planet, so to speak.

Back then, at first the power of the Holy Spirit gently enlightened me incrementally for eighteen months, with bits and pieces of supernatural Biblical truth. Then He opened the curtain to allow me to Believe Yahuwah Is Real. The revelation suddenly destroyed my crumbling existing belief structure and a universe of His truth flooded me. I was overwhelmed at Yahuwah’s enlightenment, His presence, the hidden truth revealed.

I’m always halted in awe of Yahuwah’s pleasure. He does whatever He wants, as He alone sees fit, for His purposes alone, which is always perfect. He saved me from hell. He took me out of darkness and shinned the light of Jesus in me at thirty-six years old. Those little children raised in a Christian home may never know a powerful conversion. Yahuwah did it that way for me.