Here In Eternity

Verse One

Pandemic test tube, was labeled forbid
Who opened the lid, someone did and hid
The planet slid, get control of the skid
Most people still live, some die with Covid

Verse Two

Until the virus, can be understood
If the world would, if it should and could
Is lockdown so good, in the neighborhood
Not much money, lunch from Robin Hood


Are you ready for the rapture
Are you lost needing the Savior

The gospel will still save your soul
Let the Lord come take you away


In the coming mystery of time
God unfolds His best, Here In Eternity
Only God can make it all rhyme

       God unfolds His best, Here In Eternity          

Verse Three

Just obey the rules, don’t be a disgrace
Mask up on the face, no embrace in case
Test the human race, fill the database
Judgement will come from, beyond outer space

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 11-2020