Jesus On My Lips – MDR Song Publishing
by Michael D. Rourke.

Viewing lyrics for Jesus On My Lips-MDR Song Puplishing
by Michael D. Rourke.

Jesus On My Lips

Sunshine wake up let us pray 
The first word we will say is Jesus

Kneeling down in my head 
Bowing my soul worship said for Jesus for Jesus

The first morning minute ticks and grips 
Place the name of Jesus On My Lips 
The next morning minute slowly slips 
Hold the name of Jesus On My Lips

Saying thank You for loving me 
Saying I love You we are family

Pray my seeds grow to flower 
From Your cross comes great power Lord Jesus

Dark clouds surround my window 
Trusting in You faith will flow praise Jesus praise Jesus


You are mighty God of grace (Jesus) whisper 
In quiet time face-to-face with Jesus

Walking with You we unite (praise Jesus) whisper 
Living Your love life is right Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus

Bridge (we are my family)

Lyrics by, Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 2016