Light My Shadow

Verse One

Johnny prayed then ran to every chore
Finished high school kissed a girl he knew
Went to training camp and then to war
Came home on wheels wearing one shoe

Verse Two

Family and friends praying every day
Doctors tell him to please get in line
He’s call’s he’s on hold at the V A
He thinks his purple heart has less shine


Soldiers fight and pray, for freedom we follow
Some veteran’s will say, Lord please Light My Shadow
Johnny’s in despair, so hard to see hope grow
Jesus is his prayer, Lord please Light My Shadow

Verse Three

Reading the Bible his soul awakes
He sees and believes beyond the grave
Johnny hopes and prays more sunshine breaks
Thanking God for the trust He gave


By faith Jesus is living inside
Hope came trusting God to guide
Courage gets through the divide
With the Lord peace will abide

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 1-2021