My scope of work, my creative writing is twofold. One aspect, as a Secular writer, a non-Christian writer is concerned with telling short stories of life, in Lyric form. Lyrics written in cadence and meter to fit music more easily. Another Secular form of writing is the first half of my autobiography, The Threshold, telling of my life before Jesus Christ, or becoming a Christian.

The other aspect of Lyric writing is to tell short stories of my changed life as a child of God. The second half of my books tells of my conversion into following the Savior of my soul from hell, Lord Jesus Christ. My before and after “Jesus” life is my scope.

Within the scope of new life in Jesus, is maintaining an ongoing loving submission and obedience to the Holy Spirit of God. Adhering to Bible teaching, which are the very words of God. Aiming to live more toward honoring God.

The world is aging in the worse way, as evil rises. You prepare for the future, the tomorrows and old age. How are you preparing for what comes after your last breath? We are in eternity now, part time, and will be in eternity full time. Get ready for full time eternity in heaven now in Jesus. Or do nothing and go to hell full time.