Leaning On The Ladder Of Life

Verse One

School opportunity, global reality 
Seem to slip, through my fingers
Staying home was free, time was too heavy
In my new zip, daylight lingers


Now and then, I wish I could walk again, in the halls of education

Verse Two

Hang on the boulevard, getting by is hard 
People strolling, for something more  
Emotion is scarred, prospects are barred 
Cop cars rolling, it rains it pours


Bad timing, I should be climbing 
Not leaning On The Ladder Of Life 
Good timing, now I’m climbing
I’m learning On The Ladder Of Life          

Verse Three

I won’t live in decay, a castaway
Urban photo, shows no golden rule
Night school is halfway, trade school every day
Life won’t veto, my point of view 

Lyrics by, Michael D. Rourke, 3-2019