Once It Happens

Verse One

Lord hear my call, my prayer for love climbs
Lord help me fall, into romance and rhyme
Heart and soul wait, for love to arrive
God You are great, make a song come alive                                                                                                                     

Verse Two

Talk about things, how love can start
The walk of kings, into a woman’s heart
Smiles to show, happy eye to eye
Wishes aglow, my hope wants to fly


Once It Happens, fan the spark until it’s lit
The light of love, burns so bright, we’ll know this is it
Once It Happens, all we do is love
Each day to day, through and through, we’ll be thinking of
How it happened, Once It Happens
How it happened, Once It Happens


I played the cards, got some love, and some kissing
My heart is scarred, haven’t found, what is missing
Think about leaving, maybe south, maybe staying
I’m still believing, God hears the, prayer I’m praying

Verse Three

Ran into fate, leaning out a window
Worth the wait, my grin said hello
With every word, a circle we drew
Something stirred, the wind in me blew

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 1-2021