Out of spite not to drill for more American oil, Biden is depleting the ‘Strategic Oil Reserve’ it’s now at a 35-year low. This President is a blight in America. He’ll buy more oil from the Saudi Prince but will not help American families. The Saudi Prince will load the oil-on-oil tankers and send the oil burning ships to America.

And no wonder, he worked for Obama. This is Obama’s destruction continued, as it was and is the platform for the Democratic party, a party of baby killers and those who legalize sin after sin after sin.

America has been and continues to suffer the consequences of sin, as is the world, which is scrambling to deal with these lite phases of chastisement and suffering from God Almighty. These evil times will bring even more hard times, as the promotion of sin is supported by liberal minded people worldwide.

However, thanks be to God, true Christians know the downward spiral of conditions will worsen and set up the stage in the One World System for the Anti-Christ, the Leader who will claim to fix it all in the coming Tribulation.

So, we continue to patiently wait for the Lord Jesus to come in the clouds and rapture us home with Him. Praying for more souls to be saved by receiving Jesus Christ, God’s gift of salvation, by faith. We support Missionaries and church planting, building up the Church worldwide.