Pray For Jesus America

Verse One

God gave her blessing, understanding and skill
Young America, was living out God’s will
Wealth and power came, she read the Bible and learned
Young America, was tempted in time and turned

Verse Two

A walk away from truth, she danced with sin and lied
Off the nation’s top, down the slippery slope of pride
Great America, loves her addiction with sin
Greed has torn her flag; honor is twisting in the wind


Jesus breaks evil tyranny
Jesus will stop sins agony
Pray For Jesus America
Pray For Jesus America


When leaving God out of your view
People have no hope for their soul 
A young life runs without value
Good-bye and farewell on the gallows    

Verse Three

Americas troubles, have come a long, long way
Nations come and go; great nations just don’t stay
America please, pray to God again
God Save America, soul by soul amen

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 1-2021