The Circus Of Sin

Verse One

Evil takes a wild ride, until law and order collide       
Costumes cover silent sin, racism hides deep within
A poet’s spray shows it all, injustice up against the wall
Last night there was no quarantine, city protest on wide screen

Verse Two

As the U.S. comes undone, the human race is lost and one
Outlaw clowns’ riot on TV; rebels burn society
The devil is on patrol, he wants more world control                                                                                      
Social change is on the way; and sin is waiting for that day                                                                        


Holy God above, sent all of us Jesus
To bring peace in chaos, from The Circus Of Sin
Gracious God of love, has given us Jesus                                                                                  
There’s freedom on His cross, from The Circus Of Sin


Some trials in life, walk through fire
Compassion can lift, people higher
Be there and listen, show your sincere
Have faith in Jesus, He’s always near

Verse Three

So many mock God out there, a few waits for heaven in prayer                                                            
The Lord is knocking on doors, some let Him in forevermore
Satan sang the blues; when Jesus took the pain for you
Peace comes from God alone; He’ll change your heart of stone

Lyrics by, Michael D. Rourke , Copyright 6-2020