The Threshold ~ Volume 1


Reminiscing through the first two decades of my life flushed out what had influenced me for sixty years and still does. Recalling the times of my youth brought clarity and gave more meaning to my threshvol1foundations. Born with  a  learning  disability  I  saw  many situations  in  life differently. I am dyslexic. What made sense for me didn’t always fit in society’s box called normal. As a young adult deciding what were good for me and my creative imagination I chose to jump off the traditional treadmill of obligations in life. I turned away from marriage and job security. I began beating down my own artistic path as a diarist and then a lyricist in the beautiful lands of up-state New York.

Continuing life as an artist in California I was a laborer with two lives. I worked at different jobs only to enhance my writing and even lied to make my way in life. The temporary joys of physical life are what occupied my mind. Ending up in a grave was going to be the end result of whatever I did, so why not party? What I didn’t know much about was the eternal soul within. I did not know my soul was spiritually dead, lifeless without the eternal life of Jesus. It was a soul destined for eternal suffering in hell. When Christ came into my life it was His love that united real joy in this life and life in all eternity. Time is once – reach for hope.