Asking Why

Verse One                                                                                 

Information, can it be so clear
Why only one, William Shakespeare
How does love hurt and, smile away a tear
Does the eye blink, in a hurricane? 


Does the motion of rain, know night and day
When emotion is good, who’s Asking Why
Can the ocean of pain, stay far away
Will devotion to love, stop Asking Why

Verse Two

Is life more than a smile, to get to know
What’s the purpose of, time we borrow
When do we give it all back, where does it go
How do we find out, and not complain


From sunset cities, to morning dew 
Someone feels the heat, someone in view

Walking talking wondering, is it you

Verse Three

What is the best way for love, to grow and weave
Can a couple stay, will someone leave
What season is the reason, we can believe                                                                                
Do you hear thunder, when you explain                                                                      

Lyrics by, Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 10-2019