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Lyrics are in two categories Christian and Secular. Some are being made into songs and some are waiting for the right stuff to happen.

The line-by-line metering is geared toward repeating the number of syllables to establish a pattern or rhythm in the Verses. Changing the metering in the Chorus and Bridge adds to the production.

Words sometimes have more than one meaning and bring to mind different images. My use of as few words as possible appeals to some listeners. The short phrasing gives room for flexibility and may help the vocalist and music composer in recording. 

My hope is to honor God, I’m thankful for these lyrics. Maybe someone will be encouraged to thank God for all the blessings in life.

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A Thin Page

Here In Eternity

Jesus My Savior

Fallen Messenger

Jesus Save My Soul


Laughing Out My Blue

Sinful Climate Emergency

Systematic Sin

This Is Our Time