Dancing With Time

 Verse One

High school years, making a dozen
Blood sweat and tears, are all my cousin
Diploma frame, hanging on the wall
Not the same, plan A for all

Verse Two

Plan B is part, – time work for pay
Off the chart, making my way
Taking night class, home by midnight
Dreamland will pass, hello daylight


My favorite thing to do, is learn a new dance
Kick turn and then prance, I practice the corkscrew


Education is good, I’m Dancing With Time
Learning to give and take, Dancing With Time
Building a future now, Dancing With Time
Experience will come, Dancing With Time

Verse Three

New plan A, a college degree
Higher pay, life’s moving with me
Get up and go, building on what I know
Now I say hello, time for love to grow

Lyrics by, Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 4-2019