My Spot

Verse One

Street slaves roam a, big-city view
Laying on concrete, proud Pigeons’ coo
Frozen rags and legs, are turning blue
Claiming theirs and there, they will remain


Right or wrong, weak or strong
I’m not gone long, back to sing my song


On My Spot, snow hears my cry
On My Spot, sun keeps me dry
On My Spot, I live just to die
All I got, every day and night, is My Spot

Verse Two

Just off Main past the, broken red light
Near Blood Bridge it’s a, poor man’s delight
Junkyard dog barking, like dynamite
Fighting here and here, they will remain

Verse Three

Normal treadmill news, suburban day
Exercise on off, work on the way
But torn threads lay still, stay where they lay
Praying they’re and there, they will remain

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 1-2021