Standing With Jesus

Verse One

With fear all around, hearts fell to deceit
The strong hung their heads, in shame and defeat
Big house of cards fall, all smoke and mirrors
Nations bow down as, Satan gets nearer

Verse Two

Goliath stands tall, TV news tower
World war has deep, pockets of power
David trusted God, when God was mocked
His faith went forward, a slingshot and rock


Creator God, Almighty sees us
Who do you know, Standing With Jesus
Who do you see, Standing With Jesus
Who do you love, Standing With Jesus


Cries forsaking God’s Bible truth
Souls search for the fountain of youth
Lies surrounding life like a noose
The mark of the beast soon let loose                                                                                   

Verse Three

Turn from the world, ask Jesus for love
Live for God each day, long for home above
Trusting in the Lord, with all of your heart
Leaning on Jesus He will not depart

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 1-2021