Fallen Messenger

Verse One

In the library, hope came into view

Standing with heroes’, time let me walk through 

(The) Face of honest Abe, on a book cover

(Then) John Kennedy and, Bobby his brother

Verse Two

Sat with Gandhi and, Martin Luther King 

I read about peace, I heard freedom ring

Their eyes were intent on, change they could share 

They were wise in ways, so quiet in prayer


A few words go far so they say 

Actions speak louder and slip away    

Rest in peace shaking heads can pray 

It’s always about the words they say


When unfolding evil shoots tragedy 

The Fallen Messenger the world see’s

The message remains what will be will be

The Fallen Messenger the world see’s

Verse Three

Aiming for peace was, Yitzak Rabin’s goal

John Lennon sang it, then hate lost control

Shot in cold blood, hearts of love gone by

Courage makes a mark, when millions will cry

Lyrics by, Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 11-2020