Unique Design

Verse One

She’ll have rosebud cheeks, perfect big blue eyes
Sunlight in her hair, to warm rainy skies
A smile sugar-sweet, let’s her laughter fly
Showing me she cares, blows a kiss good-bye

Verse Two

Tasted love’s bitter, she will be my sweet
I’m not a quitter, she’ll make me complete
Talks easy and warm, our souls agree
Calm before the storm, she will pray with me


God has His plan bringing love into view
Smiles drew near saying; ”Hi how are you?”
A man and woman His Unique Design                              
Need to hold only her Unique Design                                  

Verse Three

My prayers were strong, heaven led the way                                              
Let me hear her song, harmony now play’s
God brought the best, plan for love to stay
We are so blessed, thank Him everyday


There were blueprints to behold
There were models shinny gold
There were feelings icy cold
Old ways are gone new ways unfold    

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 2017