Time Fulfills Prophecy It’s True

Verse One

Duped by false disciples
In your lighthouse counting sheep
Clouds gather the sea rifles
Ship wreck souls roam the deep

Verse Two

Isaiah on radio
Northern army will roll in
Hear 2000 years  echo
Golden crossbones for your sin


How much longer will you wait
Tribulation at your gate
Time Fulfills Prophecy It’s True
Time Fulfills Prophecy It’s True


Bible warns like a true friend
When will you turn and see
God’s army of angels defend
Those who in faith believe

Verse Three

Desperate men do desperate crime
Scruples and rubles date with doom
Fe Fi Fo Fum march in time
Renegades raid King Tuts tomb

Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 1-2021