We Are Christian – MDR Song Publishing
by Michael D. Rourke.

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by Michael D. Rourke.

We Are Christian

Ambassadors of God bring peace
The gospel will increase
The road is long the Spirit near
Have no fear

The Messiah came to save and free
The sinners who believe
God gave His Son so we will climb
To heaven when it’s time

From His cross came love bleeding through
From His grave love walked in view
We Are Christian by grace
We are Christian in faith

The thought of death is never known
The Lord will share share His home
King Yeshua upon His throne
Hear the Lord say Shalom

Bringing Jesus to every door
Go away people roar
Father mother child so brave
Telling how God will save

Sunshine runs on twilight will show
Moonshine rides tomorrow
Jesus will call us from the sky
With the twinkle of an eye

Vocals by Abigail Dempsey
Lyrics by Michael D. Rourke, Copyright 2017