Higher the pile of Biden’s blight mounds up and up, more oil and human rights, the President’s hypocrisy precedes him traveling to the Middle East and return.

Asking the same question over and over, getting the same answer, but expecting a different answer.  How to bring down gas prices? Americans were working to produce oil in America, until Biden shut’s them down. Americans with house payments, college fees, bills to pay and lives to live, then Biden appeases the Green people and shuts down American livelihoods producing the oil we need on a daily basis. He could have given assurances to oil companies but no retreat for him just forward into lunacy.

Foolishness, from Americas top leader who will not pave a path to increase oil production in America’s oil rich homeland. Instead, he continues to purchase oil from Saudi Arabia, increasing their wealth and their families’ livelihoods. Soaring there in Air Force One, he pleaded for more oil production halfway around the world. Now he’s waiting for it to be shipped in oil tankers trekking across the oceans to America. The man is an ongoing wreck, recklessness in motion, looking like a Green screwup rather than a Green pathfinder.

America’s elected ‘choice’ leader, going to talk with other nations leaders, about human rights and the murder of one man (Jamal Khashoggi). More of his lunacy. Meanwhile, 63 million innocent babies were slaughtered in America, in the last 50 years and Biden is advocating for more death to babies. Is that crazy or what?  When Biden is currently on the bully pulpit advocating for the intentional destruction of babies, he’s asking foreign leaders to be fair to their people.

What’s even more bizarre, is how the majority of Americans voted for him but now don’t want him to keep doing what he’s doing. It’s madness. Americans scream for social justice, human rights and love to say we’re all created equal, but the mainstream people love to kill babies more than being fair. They love ignoring the human right to live, the right of every baby. Americans will pay for a war in Ukraine to help save people, but murder babies in America day by day. Sin has seriously twisted and perverted the values of good and evil in America.

Since the 60’s-70’s the women’s liberation movement have succeeded in choosing to butcher millions of babies from coast to coast. In a warped sense of a woman’s right to have “Free Sex” with no strings attached, their goal to be like irresponsible men has recently, abruptly, partially ended. When the option to slaughter the baby is removed, suddenly the responsibility of having sex becomes a real consideration.

As good as it is to have the clear voice of the Supreme Court declare a stop to the senseless killing of tiny children, it is still in a land where the majority have chosen to love sin and hate God. Babies will still die in some states. It is for that reason; God has allowed chaos to worsen and give America the consequences for its heinous acts of legalizing sin after sin.  For it is God alone, Who appoints the Presidents, Rulers, Leaders of a nation. Yes, sin has consequences. Still there is hope in Jesus.

Thank God, the High Court has stood tall to protect the human rights of the baby. Thank God, He answered prayer to protect the defenseless life and bring some justice and sanity to some states on the sinking Titanic like ship of the Un-United States of America. Perhaps voters can bring positive change in values to America and vote for political leaders to do more than arrange the deck chairs on Americas Titanic slide down.

Romans 13:1  Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.  NKJV

Still God is patient. Still God waits for more souls to seek Him, through the Savior, Jesus, God the Son. Jesus is saving souls across the world, as His plans unfold. Christians loving wait for His imminent return.

Jesus said in, John 6:37 All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will [a]by no means cast out. NKJV