That is a great idea, my autobiographical books, giving my testimony of salvation, made into a screenplay, to shop to the movie industry that denies the truth of God in the Bible. If you find an investor to pay for that and any other expenses that may be involved, get back to me. My volume One and Two of The Threshold, are chronological events of my early youth in the 1950’s onward, when America was still considered great, through age sixty in 2013 as America kept walking farther away from God and His blessings of greatness.

My current volume three consists of the last nine years of coping with life, trusting God’s grace and watching Him direct me on a path of challenges and rewards. All through faith in Jesus Christ. I live in great joy and anticipation of the soon to be return of Jesus in the clouds rapturing Christian’s home.

As you know these last nine years, 2013 through 2022, have been tough years of much change and much turmoil under God’s watchful eyes. Governments without biblical guidance are forcing, dragging the world populations to a new stage for a new performance, featuring sin and evil on a grand scale. The One World System in nearby.

More chaos and destruction are on the rise as countries in the existing, degrading world system are falling apart like rotting dominos tripping into each other. As the melting paradigm of sinful human leadership floods the world with failure, politicians are scurrying about like rats around the flagpole. Biting each other as they try to climb higher on a sinking ship of sin. Most people, unbelievers, are afraid of death and hell’s eternal darkness and pain. Many self-deceived Christians will be shocked on Judgement Day. Matt. 7:13-14

The good news is, the grace of God has and will still deliver believing Christians out of the fear of death and going to hell’s punishment for not receiving Jesus and repenting of sin in obedient love.  The Savior Jesus Christ has come for all. God has offered salvation to all people, through faith alone in Jesus alone.  John 3:16

Jesus said in, John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. NKJV


Mike Rourke