All over the world there are people running in their mind in search of peace, safety, and assurance that life after death is with the One true biblical God. The Creator God provides, offers His love, through God the Son, Jesus Christ and Him alone. The sanctuary of God’s love is in and through Jesus by faith alone. Support TMAI (The Masters Academy International) Bible training centers.

They are equipping men to proclaim the gospel, pastor churches, lead, and train others to do the same. There is a growing hunger for the truth of God Almighty in a world growing darker. Satanic lies, various allurements and sinful entertainments to capture good attitudes, values, and positive directions in life, are fostered by evil leaders, false teachers and undiscerning people who waste time and want others to do the same. Give your prayers and financial support, submit your will to the will of God, Who wants men and women to be saved from hell.