Two wrongs don’t make a right. If a woman is attacked, raped or suffers violence from incest, then a pregnancy results, she is still a woman carrying another human life inside her. The life inside a womb is still a life created by God, Who crates all human life, baby boys or girls. Destroying an innocent human life is murder.

Without a high and holy view of God, without the value of honoring God first with the choices He allows people to make in this life, all societies will fall into more and more depravity. Legalizing deliberate murder of one human being against another, an innocent, defenseless baby, is a sin first and foremost against holy, perfect and righteous God.

The unjust Supreme Court ruling on abortion in 1972 was a violation against God and a choice which has led America further away from receiving blessings from God Almighty. The blood of millions of innocent babies lies at the feet of godless judges, politicians and voters.

Today, God the Father is still generous and gracious in His forgiveness of sin, through having salvation faith in God the Son, Jesus Christ. Pray the current Supreme Court Justices will honor God and save innocent lives.     Psalm 139:13  NKJV   13 For You formed my inward parts;
You [a]covered me in my mother’s womb