People want to live and make no plans for after death. The Virus keeps coming, so does death and what happens next.

What about the ears and eyes? Perhaps a plastic bubble, with an air tube and air tank. What about the skin? Maybe an airtight suit with matching gloves and boots.

I’m just guessing, but, STILL, among the 330,000,000 million people in America, less than 1% = about 750,000 have died. Some die most live, all around the world.

Everyone who is NOT a true Christian, knows earth is a graveyard and they guess at what comes next.

True Christians know earth is, will be, and might be (rapture) a temporary graveyard before judgement day with God Almighty. True Christians know their eternal souls will go to heaven and those other eternal souls, without Jesus alone, through faith alone, will go to hell, eternal, perpetual death.

Just Jesus saves souls and nothing else, no string of beads, no pope, no mary, no incantations or worshipping false gods of false religion. Jesus alone saves.

The Virus keeps coming and so does death.