All smiles are being hidden. Breathing in good oxygen (O2) is diminished. Breathing in used poison oxygen (CO2) is bad. Breathing out moist particles onto masks is an invitation for “nasty’s” (germs) to collect on a moist surface and be breathed in. Masks in the governments authoritative hands may become a lifelong mandate. Mumbling and greatly reduced facial identity may become a gateway for other mandates issued by Satan’s minions.

ALL Masks leak. The first thing most everybody does when they get outside or in their own home, is tear off the mask and feel good again. At the initial start of Covid-19, one of the main purposes of masks was to quell the cries of populations saying “somebody do something, people are dying” and 10,000 masks were marketed. Cha-ching. How long will masks be tolerated? Are masks like clothing, to be worn all our lives from cradle to grave?